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The Cycles of Technology and Post Industrialism

  1. Toward the Post Industrial Society: An Introduction to the Four Cycles of Technology & the Generations Who Lived through Them.  December, 1995

  2. The Central Economic Task of Our Times: Transforming the Industrial Age's Structures for a Post Industrial World.  January, 1996

  3. The End of Industrialism: The Contemporary Transformation of American Capitalism.  March, 1996

  4. A Hard Rain Is Going To Fall:  March 1997

The Generational Configuration and Contemporary Politics

  1. The End of Liberalism: December 1995

  2. The Republican Dilemma: January, 1996

  3. Stagnant Incomes & the Politics of 1996: March, 1996

  4. The Emerging Demographic Configuration: April, 1996

  5. A Strategic VisionApril, 1997

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