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Publisher and Editor, Lawrence "Chuck" Jorgensen, b. 1934, Chicago: 12 years in Catholic schools, 4 years in the Coast Guard, and then until 1963, the U. of Chicago. Since then, he has been professoring, writing and practicing United States history, economics and politics, mostly from his great regular job at Los Angeles Valley College now retired December 31, 1999.  Married to a Silent, they have three Boomer and one older Generation Xer children, two Xer and six Millennial grandchildren.


Possessing an uncommon civic intelligence and understanding, writer Kirt Sechooler, b. 1946, Chicago, was brought to Los Angeles at age five by his GI parents: public schools through L.A. Valley College and UCLA. Married to a Boomer, they have three children, two Generation Xers and one Millennial. A CPA and Management Consultant, sometime contributor to op-ed pages, he has most recently worked with new companies engaged in innovative and advanced energy conservation and transportation technologies.

In Our Every Decision, We Must Consider The Impact
of Our Decisions on the Next Seven Generations.

      Great Law of the Six Nations (Iroquois)

Chuck, as grandpa, with Sarah, 1994

Without the patient, expert computer and software assistance of Stephen Mullins, my first Consultant Extraordinare, and now Chris (our current guru) & Holly Meyer of Meyer Creative Services, none of this would be happening. Consultant Garry S. Howard (Introduction to Internet Security, Prima Books, 1995) provides important ongoing Internet and Web assistance. Both Jonathan Hartman and big Ed Saavedra (our Webber), hand held me into and onto the Internet. Computer Science Professor Jim Hicks got me going in all this info highway stuff, and Philosophy Professor Kelley Ross is a continuing Webbing inspiration. Recently, Ms Japia Martinez-Russ has stepped in to edit and write the global change materials.
Thanks, I think. --- Chuck Jorgensen

We invite your criticisms, witticisms, cynicism.

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