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Generational Configuration
Behind the headlines about the National Debt, the Budget Deficit, Social Security, Medicare, Taxes and the generally difficult economy confronting most younger people today is a simple truth: For the past two and one-half decades, the American economy has been dominated by a Generational configuration that has arranged things to its own economic advantage. And it has done so without regard to the consequences for the succeeding generations. To say this is not to commit an act of generational war, but merely to speak the truth.

My generation did something to yours that was never done to us or to any other generation. We didnít pay our debts. - Lee Iacocca, 1992

The Generational configuration that has so dominated our lives over the last twenty five years is, however, near an end. This reality represents the central social, political and economic fact of our time. All of the major issues that confront our country today relate, one way or another, to the great demographic change about to overtake America as it moves inexorably into the next millennium. Only when we understand the nature of this imminent demographic change is it possible to understand the dimension of the problem we face over the next five years.

Generational Change
In the world of nature, generational change is the key to all change. With few exceptions, individuals do not change much during their lives, once they have reached the adulthood stage. And in the course of human affairs, real change occurs only when a new generation accedes to social, political and economic power, for in so doing, it then transforms society. We are now on the verge of just such a transformation. The Millennial Files will put us at the cutting edge of the historical events that will shape both our immediate individual futures as well as the foundation for the Third Millennium.

No one has ever read anything like The Millennial Files. Nothing like The Millennial Files has ever been written before. Not until now has has it been possible to combine the knowledge base and the insight with the technology of the WWW to produce such an undertaking.

If you are under fifty, you have come of age in an era in which the truth has been increasingly held hostage to cynical self interest. The purpose of The Millennial Files is to tell you the truth for the first time in your lives.

Toward the Third Millennium
It is but a few years to the next century and the next millennium. Time for a summing up, a casting aside of the numerous dead hands of the past. And if we be willing to act upon what we now know, time to project that sort of future we wish for ourselves and our posterity.

This is your world in which we grow,
and we will grow to hate you.
- Marilyn Manson

Through ignorance of the past, too many of us have been taught to fear the future. We are held hostage to a history that was not of our doing and programmed to accept a future not of our choosing. If we follow after those who are shamed by the past and who fear the future, we will never venture out of the dark cave of the present and will live out shadowed lives of quiet desperation.

We are here to show and to tell you that the 21st Century and the Third Millennium are yours, are all of Ours, to shape as we wish. No longer need we be continually acted upon by external events. We can be the very agents of history we choose to be.

Strauss and Howe
In their ground breaking book, Generations, published in 1992, the authors William Strauss and Neil Howe propounded a revolutionary new view of American history based upon a highly original theory of America's demographic past.

In their work, Strauss and Howe gave to each of the generations whose collective actions comprise the story of the United States an individual name. The names given each of the generations clearly reflects the unique place in American history occupied by each cohort group. The authors go on, in fact, to place the activities of these generations within the context of overriding historical cycles, beginning with the Pre-Colonial Age and continuing down to the now ending Great Power Era. Each of these eras are viewed by Strauss and Howe as distinct historical epochs. mmm

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents, but ratherbecause its opponents die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. - Max Planck

Paradigm for the New Millennium
But if the generational progression of the United States identified by Strauss and Howe is placed not within the historical context developed by those authors, but instead within the structure of the cycles of American technological and economic development, a new paradigm emerges. This new paradigm, a synthesis of generational history and economic development, in fact, creates the possibility for a very powerful new model.

Our new model makes it possible to see where contemporary America stands in relation to its own economic past, and it also explains why the United States has experienced the type of problems that have beset the nation over the last twenty years. But even more importantly, this model allows us to see what must be done to solve the accumulated problems of the last two decades, and frees us to create the future of our choosing.

The Past, the Present, the Future
If you find us full of it, shine us on. If we err, correct us. If we are limited, expand us. Join with us in understanding the lessons of the Past two hundred years of Industrial and Generational History upon which Present stands, and by which the Future will be delineated. Check it out. More, join in. mmm

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